Martina Major | Ocean City, Maryland

Martina and I first met when I was 18 and wanted to get my first tattoo.  I had seen her work via Instagram and was obsessed and knew that I had to have her design something for me.  She drew up and tattooed this beautiful rose on my left arm - I got the rose for my grandmother, whose name used to be Rose.  Soon after I became a regular of hers.  I now have four tattoos that she has both designed and tattooed.  I then started to take photos for her then studio, Independent Tattoo (which I highly recommend) and her.  

But a couple months ago, she accepted a position at Dark Horse Tattoo out in Los Angeles and started to accept her final commissions at Independent.  So of course, we had to fit one last tattoo and shoot in together. 

You can view her work at her website, here.  Check her out.  She's incredible and I guess I'll have to travel to LA from now on for my tattoos.